Welcome to version 11 everyone!

Welcome to the prototype of version 11.x. You have probably found your way to database.jpdatabase.net because I (Jon) or one of the other administrators of JPdb linked you to it. Please take a moment to comment on the design and some of the content that can be viewed already through the site. Please take note that this site is not complete. There still might be problems in the way some browsers display the page. So far I’ve been able to get the page to view perfectly on Internet Explorer 6.0, but there is a problem when viewing this page on Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2. I’ve also gotten this page to view almost right on Firefox 1.5.

As for the content it’s coming. I am having problems with my current ISP (OOL) when it comes to uploading. They turned off my FTP and SSH ports for uploading too much in a single day (a big 300 mb to this site) and cut off my access to my SMTP server for JPdb (along with anyone else who uses an external mail service to conduct business without notice). They wont let me get my access back through their service unless I upgrade to a better package (an extra $45 a month), so forget that. I’ll find a way around it. Don’t worry. Just remember to comment about the new prototype!

If you like what you see here and want to help out please contact me at jon [at] jpdatabase.net! Any help at all is a big help when it comes to this place.

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