Change in my life…

Over the years here at JPDB you, the members of this wonderful forum have seen many changes throughout the forum, the site, and the staff here… We have all grown together like a big family that has yet to meet and yet knows eatchother as if we had. Each with his or her own personality, funny saying, argumentative comment, or dorky gesture. We will continue to grow together as news becomes available about the upcoming Jp series, more than that we will continue to grow as a community weather or not Jurassic Park continues its existence amongst us. The forum may not live forever, the site may not live forever, but the friendships that are made through this virtual world will last our lifetimes.

Something important is coming up in my life, something that is about to change my life forever. I wanted to share it with you as I am excited and filled with emotions that some of you have felt and many of you, still youngsters, will feel eventually. Coming next Saturday two days before I begin my new set of college classes and roughly a week before my birthday I will be proposing to my best friend, someone I want to spend the rest of my life with without hesitation or doubt. Today I recieved her fathers blessing to do so and also was welcomed into the family on a much greater level. I am excited and although I have yet to do so already know the outcome of the answer as her and I have been discussing this for quite a while now.

So to the staff here at JPDB and all of you, I wanted to share this with you and thank you all for your support and the friendships that I have made during my term here at JPDB. But don’t think that this is my ending here with the staff, no you cannot get rid of me that easy, I will continue working with the wonderful crew here and continue enjoying the current friendships I have as well as the building of new ones.

God bless and may the geese chase all of you.
-Joshua aka Alienprojects

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