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The Making of Jurassic Park
Paperback: 195 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books
1st edition (June 7, 1993)
ISBN: 034538122X

Inside Flap/Back Description

  • Made by Hollywood’s most inventive and successful director, Steven Spielberg, JURASSIC PARK was one of the most talked about, most anticipated films to capture the American imagination in years. Now you can go behind the scenes for a rare, inside look at the making of the movie. Learn the story behind the story–the road from novel to screenplay; Watch as the finest f/x team in movie history pooled their talents to create the lifelike dinosaurs; Read exclusive interviews with Steven Spielberg, Michael Crichton, and the key actors, and so much more!

On a small island off the coast of Costa Rica man has mastered the secrets of creation. Through man’s ingenious mind the age of extinction has come to an end. Jurassic Park tells a story of how man wants to always play God in the ways we’re not meant too. Even when man’s intention is meant for the better, Jurassic Park teaches us all a lesson that disaster is soon to fallow when playing with nature.

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