Video Clip Usage

  • Even though the clips are provided through the Jurassic Park db, Jurassic Park itself is copyright of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment. Here at the JPdb we make no attempt at copyright infringement, our goal is to provide the best that Jurassic Park has to offer to millions of fans World-Wide. We provide these as highlights of some of the most stunning & climatic moments in Jurassic Park history. Further more, these serve as video backup’s. Provided on the assumption that the visitor downloading these clips own a hardcopy of the film.Extra note: Feel free to use these clips for personal use. However, if you plan to use these clips in any other medium please contact the JPdb staff at database [at] before continuing.

Image Usage

  • These images are free for personal use only. You are allowed to save these images on your hard-drive or back-up discs. However, if you wish to use any of the images in a presentation or any commercial environment please contact database [at] for permission.
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