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Due to version 11’s somewhat advanced nature, we’ve decided to change a lot of the content featured on the site. As a result we’ve decided to use the open-source XviD codec [1] for our video clips. What XviD actually does for us is the following: it allows us to bring you high quality MPEG Layer-4 compressed clips without sacrificing the quality of the video itself; it also allows for a smaller download size in certain situations. If you are unable to view the video files, download the XviD codec for your specific system.

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Jurassic Park Video Clips

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#1 Pingback By Jurassic Park db » Blog Archive » Jurassic Park media is back On July 24, 2006 @ 8:56 pm

[…] Sometime last week I finished making video clips for Jurassic Park. It’s not a hard task given today’s technology. What is problem is my ISP. It’s been a royal pain for me to get online and place them on the site. There are so many people on during the summer the internet slows to a crawl throughout the day. I guess it doesn’t matter if you have dial-up or broadband, the same result occur. I’m sure you all know someone that it happens to constantly, or maybe it happens to you as well. Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve released 14 high quality Jurassic Park video clips, 15 to 50 seconds long, at a resolution of 416 x 224. As we were making these clips it was decided to use the XviD codec over the normal MPEG Layer-1/2 compression that we’ve used in the past. The end result from using the XviD codec showed excellent compression while maintaining superb quality in an MPEG Layer-4 format. […]