The history of the Jurassic Park database is simple, yet complex. It all started out in 1993 when Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park was about to hit the silver screen, which threw the one and only owner of JPdb into a dinosaur frenzy. His name was Jon, and further thrived for providing information about Jurassic Park, as much as he could to fill the gaps left by the movie and the novel.

It wasn’t until 1997 that the webmaster would find time to publish his fascination of Jurassic Park all over the internet, but it was a time well spent. It would also be the year that Michael Crichton’s second novel The Lost-World made it to the silver screen by the hands of Steven Spielberg yet again. Jon thought it would be an unoriginal idea to publish news about the upcoming film, but never really thought that would lead him anywhere. He was probably right. He also thought he needed to make a bigger name for himself by buying something no other Jurassic Park site had at the time, a domain.

He was occasionally fed up with the free services offered on the internet because he wished to expand his programming & design skills. This was something free hosting services wouldn’t allow back in that time. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that his dream of owning a domain would come true. By then there were many other Jurassic Park sites out there with their own domain names, but still no one thought of owning a database of information related to Jurassic Park itself. The closest anyone came was displaying a gallery and low resolution video clips. Jon wanted more than that! Jon wanted a plethora of information that described Jurassic Park and its magnificent inhabitants.

It’s been nearly ten years in the making since the idea was first thought up, but it finally looks like it is here. Over those ten years we’ve compiled information about every characteristic of the islands related to Jurassic Park. Within those ten years Jon and many others have collaborated in the design and coding of the site, utilizing what is today’s standards in web programming the dream is now a reality. Using the industry standard PHP with an SQL backbone the Jurassic Park database is alive.

Now, here we are in 2006. We’re going to stay because we are the JPdb. We love what we do no matter what our current interests and goals in life are. It’s truly been a wonderful experience filled with its ups and downs, but whatever works. With the help of many inspiring people over the years Jon and the Jurassic Park database staff have finally created the database for Jurassic Park!

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