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Oh dear, finally an update since December 2006! I hope everyone is having a great summer. I’ve got some exciting news concerning coming attractions to Mexico. The Taza Roja Company has formed a joint venture with TV Azteca and with licenses from Universal Studios to build over three Jurassic Park Exhibitions called “Jurassic Park La Experiencia“ in Mexico! They will move around for three years much like the Jurassic Park Exhibitions that have been seen in the United States back when The Lost World was nearing its release (closed back in 2000). The release of this new exhibition is set for 2009, where you will see over 100 Animatronic Dinosaurs scattered about in 8 scenes. They are currently looking for any Jurassic Park related documents, garment or replicas. If you would be interested in helping out this attraction please feel free to contact Daniel Arbitman. He’ll be more than happy to hear from you. Here are some demo flyers Arbitman was kind enough to send us:

Front (Text in Spanish)Back (Text in Spanish)

Here is an English translation for those of you who do not read Spanish:

  • It is an Educational Exhibit about the Dinosaurs and when they governed the Earth.
  • A Guide of the expedition through the Jurassic Park Island lead the kids and adults through each one of the impressive scenes telling how was life millions of years ago, analyzing the different extinction theories and watching fossils found in different continents.
  • Each dinosaur was built based on strict Paleontologic studies actualized year after year.
  • It is a roll playing and game experience with more than 20 different robot dinosaur species created to real size and as described by many paleontologists.
  • The exhibit shows all what is known about the prehistoric giants and educate about them.
  • The exhibitions has Movies, Fossils, Animatronix Dinosaurs and interactive activities.
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